With a focus on streamlining the international multimodal logistics process, MARELO has been structured as an innovative company, structuring its entire freight forwarding process using high technology, coordinating its maritime, air, road and rail shipments digitally, with its own development platform that fits customer needs.

In recent years our team has been meeting with professionals from the industrial, logistics and supply chain sectors in several cities in Brazil and around the world to identify successful practices and remove common barriers and bottlenecks in foreign trade using technologies and process improvements. This period was essential in shaping our internal culture of excellence and our digital solutions.


Transform shipping agency into an agile and simple service through digital technology and information transparency; thus, being able to deliver to customers, partners and suppliers an efficient result that demands less time, labor and cost.


Explore the logistics market collaboratively, becoming a reference in technological development and quality of services. Grow together with society and individuals.


Ethics, transparency, speed of information and constant search for knowledge


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